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How to Be Supportive of a Friend Going Through a Divorce

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There’s no question that going through a divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences that can happen to someone. Benny Rogosnitzky understands this, which is why he co-founded the non-profit organization, Frum Divorce. Frum Divorce provides special programs to help frum families cope with a variety of issues pertaining to divorce, including stress, financial concerns, social stigma, parenting, and more. Benny Rogosnitzky knows divorce can affect divorcees and their children in so many ways, but having a support system can help make the process go smoother.


Friends of someone who is going through a divorce can be of utmost health in this trying time. If you are close with someone who is getting divorced, you might have questions about what your role should be and where you might want to step back. These are common questions, which is why this post will go over a few points so you can be there for your friend in the right way:


Go Out for Coffee and Other Social Engagements: Divorce can be a truly isolating experience for an individual. Major changes are going on, which could leave a person in a daze. He or she might feel shame or unsure if people see him or her differently. Divorcees need social interaction so it’s okay to be the one to extend the invitation.


Don’t Offer Unsolicited Advice: If your friends ask you for advice, this is one thing. However, unless you have gone through a divorce yourself, your friend might not want to hear your thoughts – even if they come from a good place. Instead, be a listener and a reliable person your friend can count on in his or her time of need.


Be Inclusive:  Don’t be afraid to invite divorced friends to social gatherings because it’s more of a “couples” thing. Divorcees usually want to be included and not treated as pariahs. While you should give them space if they need it, it’s important to be as inclusive as possible as well.

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